Question 1: What does Aso Ebi mean?
Question 2: Why do people wear Aso Ebi?
To find out the answers to the questions below, keep reading!
So let’s dig right in.
Naija Lingo describes it as, “Outfits made from matching/identical fabrics as a uniform in parties, weddings, and funerals. These outfits are used to identify individuals as part of a group during the event”.
 So, why do people wear Aso Ebi you ask?
  • As a sign of solidarity.
  • To prove that your family/friends are special to you, and you will go to any length to dress in a similar attire as others on their special day.
  • To identify with your friends, the reasons are endless.
 Some schools of thought believe that the sale of aso ebi is a way for celebrants to raise money for their events.
Do you agree with this? share your thoughts below.
It is also believed that some brides and overzealous family/friends enjoy forcing it down people’s throats thereby ensuring they join the bandwagon.
You even have cases where different grades of aso ebi are sold, and you are encouraged to buy the one that suits your pocket.
Aso ebi in recent times, has also been used as a form of invitation/access card to events, where you are allowed entry upon arriving in your (150,000 to 2,500) worth aso ebi fabric.
Aso ebi sales are now being out-sourced, in cases where the celebrant cannot handle the drama associated with it.
During my wedding, I opted for a color code and encouraged my own guests to dress according to the colours I had chosen or just knock themselves out with whatever they fancy. I wanted people to be free, creative and settle for what was comfortable for them. But I bought the same fabric for my young siblings & cousins, and had them make whatever they wanted (does that mean I bowed to the aso ebi craze?)
My mom sold aso ebi during my wedding, infact she had two types of aso ebi for sale. (buy the one wey your pocket fit carry) 
Aso ebi is a part of the Nigerian culture and an equally important part of any Nigerian Event, however, it is ok to do or not to do.
So, what’s your take on the aso ebi trend? Have you had any bad experiences because you did not wear aso ebi or with your tailor? Would you be following the aso ebi trend on your big day? and if you are married, how was the aso ebi aspect of your wedding, did your guests comply or did they give you drama?
Let’s talk!
P:S – The images for this post were gotten from Wedding Digest Naija

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