On Friday, I shared with us take 1 of jollof rice and other things, today we continue our talk on food and I will be speaking to you the guest.

Events are a good opportunity to give your taste buds some adventure allowing them to explore. I am aware that “party jollof rice” aka firewood rice as it is fondly called, tastes different from our home made Jollof or Fried rice.

Eating food at a nigerian event

However, I strongly recommend decorum when we find ourselves at events. “Awoof dey purge belle” is a popular saying which means “free things can be harmful”. So, chow with caution.

Keep these points below in mind whenever attending any event. Let’s go;

guests eating food at a nigerian wedding
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i. Sit quietly and wait to be served – A buffet style arrangement is the only time you are allowed to get up and go and get your own food. But when it’s the waiter/waitress serving the food, wait for them to get close to your table and ask nicely that he/she gets you a plate and if he/she forgets, then let it go. Most times, waiters/waitresses like to practice selective forgetfulness, so just let it be.

ii.  Eat only what you know – Don’t use a wedding or party as an opportunity to experiment. If a plate of food seems strange and there is no one around you who has eaten it before, kindly decline and eat only what is familiar. However, if by some special means you have been endowed with the emotional and physical stamina to “weather any storm”, then, by all means, go all out and enjoy yourself.

iii. Do not take laxatives (on an empty stomach) before going for any event – Your plan is to try everything on the buffet table and order everything in sight, biko! tone it down. There’s no need to prepare your stomach for the stellar performance that it probably won’t get. I have had several experiences where I planned that I will finish myself with food when I go for the event, only to get there and not even get bottled water. Don’t go on an empty stomach with the assurance that food go dey berekete, Just be like me and eat from home so that if you don’t get food, you won’t feel bad.

iv.  Do not bribe waiters for special treatment – That’s just wrong! After all your decking, you will now bribe waiter to ensure your table is never empty? brother/sister, have the fear of God. Or you bring a plate and plastic bag from home for take away WHY?  na you pay caterer?

The next time you go for any event, try and practice these eating etiquettes, represent your family name well. One fine bobo or sisi fit notice you sef because say you coordinate well. *Huge wink*

Have you experienced any of these at any events you have hosted or attended? Please share, I’d like to know.

Cheers to your fab Event!

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