Serving jollof rice at a Nigerian EventOur country is one blessed with a variety of different meals, you get to find an array of mouth-watering local and continental dishes at any event, including our much revered jollof rice.

The Classic Nigerian event is made up of finger foods ( small chops), the main meal and dessert. You also have events where only finger foods are served. Most people like to go to events to eat *better food* e.g party jollof rice, you even have people who come with their plastic bags for *take away*


jollof rice at a nigerian wedding receptionFood is the chord that binds your event, and without it, your event can’t be declared correct. Make sure to get your food right, and hire a good caterer that is affordable and on point to avoid food drama. Also, ensure that food is evenly distributed by those in charge to avoid cases where food is shared to a particular segment of the hall and the *not so important guests* get little or nothing. The advent of

The advent of event hostesses (ushers) has helped to curb the issue of not getting food at events because they monitor the tables and ensure that no one is left out.What are the food experiences you’ve had at events you attended or hosted?

Have you had any food experiences at events you attended or hosted? don’t forget to leave a comment in the box below.


Cheers to your fab Event!


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