The wedding day look is one of the greatest sources of the excitement and anxiety for many brides to be. You find yourself anticipating the big day and how you will look.

Although being anxious about how you’ll look is normal, always remember, you don’t have to look like anyone but yourself! Carefully planning your bridal makeup will help relieve some of the anxiety. The tips below should help calm your nerves and guide you on how to prep for your day and look your very best!

Your personal style.

How to plan for your Nigerian Bridal Makeup
Source: Joy Adenuga

This should dictate how you choose your bridal makeup. Makeup should help you be the best version of yourself according to your style. What this means is that you go in the direction that suits you and try not to copy the trending lip or eyeshade of the season. If your go-to look is perfectly lined eyes and ombre lips, start with that and design your makeup around it. Don’t feel pressured to wear anything you aren’t comfortable in.

Your wedding dress and hair.

How to plan your Nigerian bridal makeup
Source: T.A’Lamode

It’s important to consider the other elements of your wedding ensemble’ i.e your dress, hair, as well as accessories. Ensure there is an aesthetic flow. For example, if your dress is vintage-inspired, then a soft, feminine makeup may complement it. If you intend to rock a sleek updo for your hair, then a  red/pink lip might suffice.

Seek Inspiration! 

How to plan for your nigerian bridal makeup
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As Bella Naija would say, be inspired! Comb the internet for some fun ideas. (both bridal and non-bridal), Instagram and Pinterest are your BFFs at this point. Save any image that tugs at your heartstrings. Mix and match looks that suit the bridal makeup you envisioned

Book your makeup artist.

How to plan for your nigerian bridal makeup
Source: Oshewa Beauty

Contract the services of a makeup artist who specializes in Bridal Makeup. Instagram is a good place to verify the works of the person you want to use or ask to see their portfolio, as this will give you a sense of his or her style and whether or not it resonates with you.  Whether you are working with a  makeup professional or not, be specific about what you want and don’t want. Ensure your style is accurately captured, so you do not feel uncomfortable. A makeup trial beforehand guarantees you get the look you want.

What is your budget?

How to plan for your nigerian bridal makeup
Source: T.A’Lamode

Wedding makeup and hair vary greatly, depending on who is involved and your location. Important points to note; will the artist be traveling to the location of your wedding, will the artist hang around for touch-up during photos and reception? If you will be booking a professional, ask friends/family who have been married for advice & recommendation, and call various artists & hair stylists for price estimates before deciding on whom to work with. Be sure that all costs are properly outlined and understood by both parties e.g travel, accommodation etc

Plans for your bridesmaids as well.

How to plan for your nigerian bridal makeup
Source: SC George

Discuss with your bridesmaids If you’d like them to be responsible for their own makeup and hair, or if you will be getting a professional. Let them know ahead of time, so they come prepared. Send them some photos or videos of looks that complement their dresses, so you can all decide on the look for the day. If hiring a hair stylist and makeup artist, ensure the vendor will be able to accommodate your entire bridal party in a timely and orderly fashion. (This is very crucial for large bridal parties.) Work out a schedule for hair and makeup, to eliminate rush hour moments.

Lastly, schedule a trial ahead of time, this helps to establish a relationship between you and your artist and eliminate any awkwardness. Plus, there will be no time wasting on the wedding day, trying to decide on looks.

Remember you will be photographed A LOT, so smile and have a good time.

Cheers to your fab wedding!

P.S – Appreciation goes to every makeup artist and photographer whose photos we used for this post.


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