My love for Romance, Weddings and all things Mushy led to the birth of this blog. I needed a platform, where I could merge all my interests and have them work in synergy (weddings, events, writing and media) I also love Events planning and management, having worked with a couple of Event Companies in the past. It gives me immense joy to see every idea and concept come to live after weeks of planning. The look on your client’s face when you have succeeded in ‘wowing‘ them Priceless

I got married 3 times as is the custom for most Nigerians, Traditional Wedding on the 23rd of April, Registry on the 5th of May and White Wedding on the 21st of May (same day as my mum’s birthday, cool right?) Myself and Biii are still trying to decide which will be the official date for our anniversary.

I figured when I get married, my love for weddings would fade away, nah!! I think it’s gone up another notch, because now I have real life experience to share and too much information to just allow go to waste in my head. I can now properly guide intending couples on planning a successful wedding.

On Coral Confetti, you will find topics on every aspect of weddings and events. I also discuss new and existing trends in this vast and interesting industry.

Planning any kind of Event, and do not know where to start? fret not, as the archive of resources on Coral Confetti will cater to all your needs just fine.

If you love weddings, romance and all things mushy like me, you’ll feel right at home here.

Welcome to your one stop destination for all things weddings plus more!