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Your wedding ceremony is coming to a close, and the time has arrived to give your speech/closing remarks. A lot of grooms always shy away from this seemingly daunting task especially for those unfamiliar with public speaking. Not to worry, with these 3 short and simple tips, you are on your way to giving a speech worth a standing ovation.


Coral ConfettiPrepare your speech: The only way you are going to deliver that powerful speech is to actually know it by heart. So do not leave it for the last minute, write down what you intend to say at least weeks before the wedding day, and go through it, so you have an idea of what you’d like to say to your audience.

Do not cram your speech: Avoid the easy way out, cramming. Instead, read it through thoroughly, and split them into paragraphs you can remember that address different subjects. You could even put them down on prompt cards, so that you can easily recall each subject.

Get a speech writer: If you cannot put to paper what you intend to share on your wedding day, why not get someone to help you transcribe your thoughts to written words. It could be a member of your family or a friend, you don’t necessarily have to pay for it. When you can visualize your speech on hard copy,  it makes it easier to have a general idea of what you intend to say.

Finally, relax. Its just a speech, remember, its your day and everyone would forgive you even if you stutter through out the speech. Ensure to Keep It Short & Simple

Do you have any other tips you feel will be useful for the groom on his wedding day? Please share in the comments section below.

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