Weddings are no joke in this Lagos and being a planner/coordinator no be easy work, trying to please your client and give them the very best is the only way to get your career in this industry going. Just last week I had to plan a wedding for a famous Lagos family. I was super excited O!  Finally, big bucks go enter my akant! The bride and her family wanted everything executed accurately and rapidly (the bride was pregnant and they wanted the wedding to happen before she starts showing)

So I had to pay many of the vendors immediately to get the plan in progress but there was one issue, transfer needed to be made on the spot and they wanted to transfer from a Zenith account to another! Here I am no Zenith Bank account and I needed to pay the vendors ASAP!

As my mind was running, thinking whom do I know in Zenith bank, how do I open an account, na so one of the vendors called me to ask when will payment be made! As I was about to pick up the call, True caller popped up with a Zenith Bank ad. I waited for the call to end and saw the ad, saying I could open an account at that very moment without a kobo.  Omo my heart jumped out of my chest with so much joy!  Na so I click on the ad and started “gliding” through it. And voila!! I was a Zenith bank account holder in the twinkle of an eye. Money was transferred into to my account and I made payment to the different vendors before the next day!

My people this is how true caller saved my career with that Zenith Bank advert!

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