The guest list series continues from the last post. Remember that the bulk of your spend would usually go to; the venue, decor, food, drinks etc, and everything about your event is controlled by the number of guests you’ll have. Proper planning of your guest list will ensure you get your budget right because it gives you an idea of the size of hall and quantity of food & drinks you require.

Below are the top areas to consider when working on your guest list.

FOOD & DRINK BUDGET – A guest list will help in arriving at your food and drink budget because the first question any caterer or drinks merchant will ask is “how many guests are we looking at?” in order to prepare your bill. So decide how much you’d like to spend per guest on food/drinks, then multiply by the total number of guests, if you like what you see, then finalise with your caterer.

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SOUVENIR BUDGET – If you intend to buy souvenirs, your guest list will also come in handy here, because it gives you an idea of how much to budget for the gifts.

INVITATION CARD BUDGET – A guest list gives an idea of how many invitation cards to print or order. In other words, you want to know how much to set aside as your invitation cards budget. This is especially for intending couples planning a wedding.

VENUE BUDGET – Your guest list should inform your event venue. Event venues are priced based on their seating capacity, so have a general idea of your guest list before you begin your venue hunt. So you do not have an overflowing hall, with no place for people to sit. When you trim down your guest list you will realise a significant reduction in your total budget, because every single additional guest adds to the cost of food, drinks, souvenir, invitation cards and venue space.


Cheers to your Fab Event!!!!


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